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What are our production methods?

 We create a closed production ecosystem. It helps us to take full responsibility for our products, controlling each stage of their production with the whole process of breeding and production continuously supervised by the Veterinary Inspection.

We support the popular trend “from field to the table”. We guarantee full traceability of our products – from the type of feed fed to chicken, through egg and chicken to final product.


We operate 3 reproductive farms, 5 production farms and a hatchery.

The most important for us is the welfare of animals and to achieve it we fully supervise and control each production cycle, observing the stringiest hygiene and

biosecurity requirements. Comfort of animals is a very important factor influencing the quality of obtained meat.

  • FEED

 Own crops enable us to obtain the best quality feed, which is fundamental for good quality meat. We know how important is to properly balance the crops and our production process pays attention to every detail. This is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by independent bodies.

Our farms meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, REDcert, HACCP and GMP+.


 In this area we also put the welfare of animals in the first place. Our farms are located near the plant to minimize the transport time.

We have specialized means of transport adapted for the safe transport of animals. Every year all stages of the supply chain are subject to the certification audits, which are carried out by independent external bodies or results from orders of customers and binding standards (TFMS, IFS/BRC, Red Tractor Assurance, QS).

Transparency of the production is the main pillar of our quality control.

Each stage of the breeding and production process is thoroughly monitored. By using our own crops, we are able to fully control of feed and be sure that our products are completely safe. 

This is confirmed by a number of certificates.

  • Since 1999 we have been applying HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which ensures the identification and elimination of potential risks.
  • In 2004, we implemented two new quality systems – IFS and BRC.

IFS is a special way to control food for contamination of allergens, while the BRC determines the quality requirements for products placed on the UK market.

  • In 2006, we implemented TESCO and Red Tractor standards, which take care for the welfare of the animals at each stage of their development and in transport

 Animal welfare

We pay particular attention to the welfare of the animals throughout the breeding and manufacturing process. On all our farms chickens are reared on a straw substrate (pellets), which is hygienic due to its production temperature and which has a high hygroscopicity, absorbing excess moisture from the environment, providing optimum conditions for animals. As a result, the animals are clean and live in proper microclimate environment, which is reflected by their good condition and healthy look.

Moreover, all our farms are supervised by the Veterinary Inspection. For transport we use specially equipped vehicles and containers (modules), which provide birds with have adequate space and comfort.

In our plants we place great emphasis on ethical approach to animals, applying the highest standards of welfare at every stage of production, including transport and slaughter.

Healthy and tasty meat products

With their high protein content and low fat, the poultry products are the most suitable for a balanced diet. Chicken meat is lean, low in calories and easy to digest.  Therefore, nutritionists recommend it for frequent consumption. To meet the expectations of very conscious consumers and health eating trends – we focus on “FREE products” – which means free of monosodium glutamate, phosphate, soy, dyes, flavour enhancers and gluten.

All our meat products are made of our own raw materials using spices and packages obtained from reliable suppliers.

Meats from our plant base on traditional, proven recipes and production methods and meet the expectations of demanding customers and competitive markets For example, in our smoking process we use three smoker ovens fired with alder and beech wood. This is traditional and the healthiest method used for smoking of all kinds of hams and sausages. All these solutions and methods make our meats delicious and nutritious.

We offer good products. We offer Polish products. We offer products from Kozieglowy.