25 years on the market. With you and for you. 

We are one of the largest production facilities in the poultry industry in Poland with 100% Polish capital. Our products – chicken and cured poultry meat products are a symbol of quality, tradition and good taste.


We operate in accordance with the “from field to table” policy, with comprehensive supervision and control over the entire course of breeding and processing.

We rely on our own poultry park, from where selected chickens originate, fed with top quality fodder – also coming from our own crops. We sign our products with the motto: “From our fields and breeding farms”.


We employ qualified specialists with many years of experience in the poultry industry, and we work on the basis of the latest technologies and highly specialized production lines. We combine tradition and our experience with continuous development, latest technological and culinary trends, and expectations of very conscious consumers.

In our products, we focus on the taste, quality and natural processes. We follow the trend of “FREE products” – which means FREE of monosodium glutamate, phosphate and flavour enhancers. All our cured poultry meats are also gluten free. (The exception is one of our best-sellers – ‘Rarytas’ pâté, which is prepared according to a traditional recipe, which prevents the elimination of gluten).

Our products will satisfy the taste of traditionalists and those searching for culinary adventures. Moreover, our offer is attractive also for consumers looking for popular, modern and fast solutions in the kitchen. In addition to the wide range of traditional poultry meat and charcuterie goods, we also offer increasingly popular ready meals and semi-finished products – such as meat in marinades or loved nuggets loved by younger customers.

Our products are offered in Poland by chain stores, our own retail stores and stores of our associated companies. We also export the products to many countries of the European Union (Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia) and to the markets of Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), Central and West Africa and to Asia (China and Hong Kong).


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